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Provincial Labour Office Singburi

Organization Structure

  • Mrs.Ladda Upasin

    Mrs.Ladda Upasin

    Provincial Labour
    • MissPawana Suenoi

      MissPawana Suenoi

      Professional Labor Technical Officer
      • Mrs.Sommiy Kerdsri

        Mrs.Sommiy Kerdsri

        General Service Officer S.4
    • Mrs.Malee Raksanoh

      Mrs.Malee Raksanoh

      Finance And Accounting
      • Mr.Teera Kinkajon

        Mr.Teera Kinkajon

        Car Driver S.3
        • Mrs.Monthira Taisawang

          Mrs.Monthira Taisawang

    • Mr.Sattawat Sriame

      Mr.Sattawat Sriame

      Academic Laborer
      • Mr.Jinnawat Chaensamran

        Mr.Jinnawat Chaensamran

        Initial Analgsis And Evaluation Officev